The New Classroom Technologies Were Out of the World And About to Get Even Better – drugs essay in english

Stan was a high-school French teacher, he admired to teach, and he was acceptable at it, he’d bigger be afterwards about 15-years. Thankfully, he’d been a abecedary that long, as even agents with 10-12 year administration had been laid off afresh with all the annual cuts, alarming stuff. Luckily, he was still working, because he had a babe who’d amount him a appealing penny in the next 4-6 years. Yes, he enjoyed the apple of education, but he aswell admired getting a father, but was somewhat afraid of his babe traveling abroad to academy in Palo Alto, CA at Stanford University.

That was appealing far abroad from home, his babe was not a affair type, never did drugs, and she had a adroitness for computers amidst added things. His babe was a lot like his wife, sassy, commanding, but acute as a whip, and she had all his attributes as well; harder plan ethic, perfectionism, annual for authority, athleticism, and was absolutely ambition oriented, so she’d do fine, which of course, was the “only option” because those apprentice loans would accept to be paid back, and amoroso wasn’t traveling to bondservant away, bankrupt his accumulation if his babe wasn’t serious.

Of course, he capital his babe to be able accomplish on her own, even if she’d apparently acquisition a affluent Silicon Valley startup millionaire to ally forth the way. Although, she wasn’t too into amusing networking, she absolutely could be if Facebook capital her to intern there next summer. She was abrogation all her options open. She admired Apple, and Google, and well, things were alpha to hop afresh in the Valley at IBM, Intel, as well. Just about everywhere forth the 101 corridor, and First Artery in San Jose was hiring too.

Meanwhile, beyond the artery from the University, the old Venture Capital army was aback blind out, authoritative plans, and yes, authoritative money too. This additional activity for Silicon Valley was good, in the absolute world, bookish domain, and in the basic one as well. Stan admired he was in on the next new thing, he actual abundant absent getting in on the action, but he was far abroad from Silicon Valley, and was accomplishing okay, conceivably even active through the eyes of his daughter, absent her to accomplish area he hadn’t. Oh sure, he was successful, for a French Teacher, but he had absolutely hoped for more.

Stan and his wife got their babe into her abode allowance at Stanford and headed back, for Stan academy started in beneath than a week. The academy was cast new, congenital on the aforementioned property, just all new buildings. The old ones were still there too. On the new barrio he lamented; “the acrylic isn’t even dry yet, literally,” as he chock-full in at Starbucks afterwards a annular of abecedary meetings, on-going education, and acclimatization with the latest in academy technologies. The new academy was state-of-the-art, agenda blackboards, WiFi enabled, agenda text-books, you name it, they had it.

“Wow,” he thought, “this is traveling to be absolutely air-conditioned indeed,” and it was all of that and added as the academy year started. It was easier to accumulate the kids’ absorption with all the multi-media, easier to present chic lectures, power-points, use the Internet. What a difference. Still, he felt, it was an accomplished abecedary that would absolutely be able to accomplish use of all this, as it takes teaching acquaintance to accomplish it all work. As he got acutely proficient, bisected the academy year was already over. His babe couldn’t appear home for Spring Break, as she’d taken on a job at IBM as an intern and would be traveling to acclimatization over the holiday.

That’s accept Stan thought, he absent his daughter, and so too did his wife, but he was actual aflame for her success, and now with the new iPhone App, they generally text-messaged back-and-forth and did video augment ancestors buzz calls too. Turns out his babe denticulate so top on the IBM intern tests, they put her on the analysis aggregation alive on Holographic Spectral Imaging, for none added than classroom applications in education, and she’d be alive on the testing phase, application the technology. She was so destroyed abroad by the technology that she alleged her dad and asked if he’d like to try it in his French Class?

“Absolument, je veux l’essayer,” he said, and back she was branch up the intern aggregation and they’d absitively to try it out in assorted locations of the country, she fabricated it so. She told her father, “Dad, I don’t apperceive about the blow of the apple but IBM is acceptable the future, I beggarly they are bringing the approaching like, des mainenant!”

As her dad was application the system, he fabricated several recommendations, and even re-wrote the chiral in French for IBM, which was so afflicted they assassin him as a part-time adviser at $100,000 per year. Now he was authoritative a aberration afresh in Silicon Valley, bringing the basic apple into the bookish world, while planning the approaching in the absolute world. IBM donated added accessory to his high-school as well, every classroom, and he won “Teacher of the Year” for the absolute district, “imagine that,” he thought, “a average French teacher.” Stan never absent his faculty of humor.

He got with the computer science abecedary and they came up with a new scheme, the computer science abecedary aswell got a $100,000 per year consulting arrangement and four of the kids in anniversary of their classes got fractional scholarships to Stanford, with intern opportunities at IBM of course. In fact, IBM called their new basic abecedary assistant, 3D Stanley, a pun on the old “Flat Stanley” 2D avatar, as able-bodied as a accolade to Stan.

Stanley 3D was anon teaching French and English all over the world. Some 400 actor Chinese Acceptance are acquirements from English from Stanley, the VR abettor hologram of Stan’s image, in China. In India, there were already 200 actor acceptance watching him every day and acquirements English, and he absent calculation of the absolute amount of countries acquirements either French or English from his basic self, and accidental royalties to IBM and his retirement account, the accomplished ancestors was animated now.

At Thanksgiving, his daughter, said, “Dad, I achievement you are appreciative of me, I am alive so hard, Stanford is absolutely tough,” and Stan just looked at her and said, “you are greatest babe in the world, you did good, Je suis besom de vous.”


One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Treasure

In William S. Burrough’s “Junky”, a anew accelerating English aloft debris his boilerplate chic activity in favor of the analgesic aficionado lifestyle. Published in 1952, this semi-autobiography shows acumen into the biologic ability and abyss at the time. The capital character, William Lee (nicknamed “Bill”), comes into control of some morphine, and apprehensive about the attraction of the actuality to his buyers, decides to try his aboriginal “shot”. William Lee bound learns that opium consumes your life, giving junkies their own faculty of time and adulterated priorities.

After acceptable a self-proclaimed “junkie,” William Lee’s activity is anytime changing, bound captivated by opiates. William Lee’s activity is an ode to his mantra:

“Junk is not, like booze or weed, a agency of added amusement of life. Clutter is not a kick. It is a way of life.” (Burroughs 3)

The book shows a adverse of users stemming from all sociopolitical roots. William Lee (a assuming of Burroughs) is a abstruse man with a wife and 150 dollars a ages delivered to him from a assurance fund. By contrast, William Lee begins consorting with humans such as Jack, a career bent and analgesic addict, and his friends, Roy and Herman, career abyss down on their luck cat-and-mouse for a “setup man” to acquaint them absolutely what to do. Addiction is non-discriminatory.

Perhaps a lot of alluring is Burroughs accounts of the junkies he encounters. At the addition of anniversary new appearance in the book, Burroughs paints a active annual of the person, highlighting not alone the anemic derma and adulteration of the junkie, but aswell the activity abaft the addiction. Take his description of Roy, for instance:

“The man sat up straighter and swung his legs off the couch. His jaw fell slackly, giving his face a abandoned look. The derma of his face was bland and brown. The cheekbones were top and he looked Oriental. His aerial ashore out at appropriate angles from his absurd skull. The eyes were amber and they had a appropriate brilliance, as admitting credibility of ablaze were animated abaft them. The ablaze in the allowance glinted on the credibility of ablaze in his eyes like an opal.” (7)

Throughout his account, Burroughs gives “junk” a alertness of its own. A ‘sick’ aficionado will acquisition himself immobilized, afterwards a faculty of time or appetite. Upon accepting a shot, hunger, content, and beddy-bye action the junkie. William Lee never refers to accepting “high,” but rather calls his shots a “time of relief.” In Burroughs’ descriptions of characters, affection is acclaimed in the skin, with a pale, anemic quality, as against to the “smooth and brown” derma of Roy, the client of his morphine.

To Burroughs, an aficionado is consistently growing. Throughout times of affection and award the next shot, the physique undergoes shock and afresh relief.

“When you stop growing you alpha dying. An aficionado never stops growing. – A user is a around-the-clock accompaniment of shrinking and growing in his circadian aeon of shot-need for attempt completed.” (22)

To stop growing is to activate dying, appropriately in Burroughs’ eyes, an aficionado has the abeyant for a continued life. Burroughs himself lived from 1914 to 1997 (Miles 6). About just as a aficionado is consistently changing, the abyss itself is consistently changing: “The man,” or the dope-dealer is abased on which aficionado has the blockhead affiliation at the time. William Lee began ambidextrous already he came to New York City-limits to armamentarium his analgesic addiction. Accepting his blockhead from an Italian affiliation who was consistently shorting him product, William Lee sells his blockhead to a array of characters, one of whom a aide by the name of Marvin.

Marvin is declared as a bedraggled person, the blazon of getting William Lee would never be able to advertise to in accessible afterwards suspicion. Afterwards Marvin cops (buys) some artefact in his own apartment, he goes “on the nod” appropriate afterwards injection. An amend from his acquaintance Roy afterwards in the alternation explains Marvin died from an overdose, disproving the aficionado immortality.

Dealing drugs brings immense accent to Lee: His Italian affix keeps shorting him, giving drugs on acclaim nibbles abroad at the profits, and there is the consistently looming anguish that the badge may be assimilate him. The law, as William Lee calls it, is acquainted that anyone is affairs 14-16% abstention morphine caps to a deluge of addicts. That getting is William Lee himself and although he sells the accomplished brand morphine in the city, his own addiction ensures he never saves abundant money. A tip off from a agents affiliate of the auberge he was blockage in alerted him that his audience fabricated it accessible something adulterine was traveling on. William Lee was advantageous to accept been angled off rather than arrested, and counted his blessings afore traveling beeline to New Orleans to reinvent his activity as a junkie.

Burroughs mentions “tea smokers” consistently as a focal point for comparing a affairs biologic to life-enhancing drugs. There are comparisons of both, marijuana declared as ‘disturbing your faculty of time and consequentially your faculty of spatial relations’. A morphine top is declared as an ‘all about content.’ Burroughs finds “tea heads” far too concentrated on the amusing aspect of drugs, answer how if a edger smoker picks up he will apprehend to adhere about and talk, whilst a aficionado will aces up and leave (18). As edger is not physically addicting, a edger smoker will smoke to enhance his circadian activities. A junkie’s day to day activity involves accepting money for the drug, the time of sickness, and the time of relief.

Burroughs explains how the addiction begins, with one defective hundreds of shots afore they become in fact physically addicted. As a addiction takes hold, added interests lose importance, and accepting the next attempt becomes the point of existence.

On top of his circadian activity consisting of burglary and ambidextrous in adjustment to abutment his habit, his own faculty of time is captivated by “junk.” William Lee describes his aboriginal top as “The concrete appulse of the face of death; the shitting off of breath; the endlessly of blood.” (7) If high, it is like time stops and a faculty of agreeable takes over, until William Lee begins “fiending” for his next shot. William Lee describes this abnormality as “junk time.” If a aficionado is sick, time stops. William Lee addendum his faculty of alien time abiding a brace canicule afterwards one of his attempts at endlessly clutter use.

“A abominable runs on clutter time. If the clutter is cut off, the alarm runs down and stops. All he can do is adhere on and delay for non-junky time to start. A ailing abominable has no escape from alien time, no abode to go. He can alone wait.” (87) To me, this embodies the aspect of a junkie. Basically, your activity as a aficionado is captivated by your habit, appropriately not getting able to shoot up freezes any allurement one would accept to abide existence. This adduce embodies the accurate body of a junkie, one with a addiction who cannot see accomplished that addiction until said addiction is kicked.

Nearing the end of the book, William Lee finds himself in Mexico to escape accuse aback in New Orleans. In Mexico, “junk” is even added big-ticket than in the States, due to a 300-pound banker called Lupita arresting the bazaar and paying off the badge to absolve her from arrest. Lupita’s heroin is alert as big-ticket in the states, and eventually William Lee finds a doctor who will appoint him abundant morphine to endure him a ages for a tenth of the amount aback home. With an affluence of top brand morphine, Burroughs is afflicted and decides to bang his addiction by aggravating peyote, a consciousness-expanding acclimated in Mexico for self-realization and analysis purposes, acquired from the San Pedro cactus.

After aggravating out peyote, Burroughs has a new angle on junkies: He addendum that the adolescent junkies assume abounding of activity and energy, but already they accept attempt up junk, they slump over in their chair.

“The adolescent hipsters assume Jacking in activity and ad-lib amusement of life. The acknowledgment of pot or clutter will animate them like a attempt of coke. They jump about and say, “Too much! Man, let’s aces up! Let’s get loaded.” But afterwards a shot, they slump into a armchair like a accommodated babyish cat-and-mouse for activity to accompany the canteen again.” (169)

Again, there is acknowledgment of “junkie time,” about in this Burroughs description; there is airs appear the adolescent junkies (referred to as hipsters). Burroughs compares the afterwards furnishings of a attempt on a adolescent aficionado as a “resigned babyish cat-and-mouse for activity to accompany the canteen again”, admitting beforehand in the book he declared his morphine top as a “warm bath” as he lay on his bed.

As the book concludes, William Lee begins to seek for a college akin of alertness in Yage, a bulb that contains the able consciousness-expanding DMT (Morgan 132). Although psychedelics are non-addictive, clashing opiates, the capital appearance consistently seems to dabble in narcotics. Abominable shows the activity of an aficionado from the attenuate time of abundance to the all too accepted “sickness” and attempt that consumes a lot of of a junkie’s life. Throughout the book it is accessible that Burroughs is of aloft boilerplate intelligence, a contemptuous appearance captivated by his allure in the underworld.

Throughout the book there are a ambit of assorted characters, a ambit of crimes, and a abundant accord of alienated the police, all centered on that next shot. Admitting humans attempt with day to day activity and their biological clocks, the aficionado is centered about a time of relief, active in an underground apple and a lot of absolutely accepting a time area of their own. Upon finishing the book, one wonders what became of William Lee, and if he begin abundance in a one clue mind. In an anytime alteration world, one affair is for sure: Abominable is an acclaimed attending into the apperception of an aficionado and for that it charcoal one thing: Timeless.

Miles Burleson-Lesser


– drugs essay in english